High score, less time

OETStudy is an AI powered learning tool, while simultaneously providing a learning platform for those preparing for Duolingo English Test. By utilizing the benefits of AI and big data, the practice sessions are both goal-driven and enjoyable, requiring minimal effort.

Why OETStudy?

Largest DET question bank

  • 15000+ Questions
  • Answers to all questions
  • Various difficult levels
  • Multi-Category Question Collection
  • Record of practiced questions
  • Practice notebooks

Strongest AI scoring system

  • AI scoring for all speaking questions
  • AI scoring for all writing questions
  • Mentor responds to queries about questions
  • Instant feedback for all answers

Most functional DET practice platform

  • Inquiry-driven community
  • Practice Statistics
  • CEFR checker
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Study materials
  • Questions guides

AI Scorings


Speaking Evaluation

By analyzing 6 scoring factors and their encompassing 23 sub-factors, and utilizing the capabilities of state-of-the-art content-aware NLP algorithms, we can offer precise phonetic-level speaking assessments based on millions of user practice data.


Writing Evaluation

With the aid of sophisticated NLP algorithms and machine learning, we offer spell correction, content recommendations, grammar checks, and other tools to enhance your writing tasks. Furthermore, our algorithms conform closely to the DET official technical guidelines, allowing you to achieve higher scores as you practice on our platform.

Study Tools


Vocabulary Lists

By intelligently clustering words based on question types and your practice data, vocabulary is no longer an obstacle.


CEFR Checker

From AI to C2, using CEFR checker to assess language proficiency can effectively improve your vocabulary level.


Practice Analysis

Recording and analyzing practice data can help you learn more efficiently and effectively.


Study materials

Study materials provide essential resources and guidance for effective learning and knowledge acquisition.

Study With Test Takers

Study together with other test takers, share learning experiences

Why Duolingo English Test

  • Over 4500+ universities/institutions/colleges positively accepted Duolingo English Test as the language proficiency, more schools are joining in the coming future.
  • For Elite Schools, including but not limited to Harvard University, Yale University, MIT, McGill University, University of Southern Queensland, Imperial College London, etc.
  • In comparison with IELTS 6.5, you just only get 125 scores on Duolingo English Test
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